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Like Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda is another decades-old Nintendo series that remains beloved by millions.It got its start on the NES with “The Legend of Zelda,” the game that laid down the basic formula, but the breakout hit that really put this action-adventure franchise on the map was “, and Nintendo continues to out-do itself with each new installment.Don’t turn up your nose at the stereoscopic 3D, however.The redesigned ), or if you’re already a proud owner of Nintendo’s latest handheld and simply want to know that the must-have games are, our guide has you covered: We’ve pared the 3DS lineup down to what we consider the five best titles that every handheld gamer should have in their collection.For example, some stages feature particle effects, and when you activate the stereoscopic 3D, the particles appear to “float” above the 3DS screen as you play.

Gamers who enjoyed “A Link to the Past” will be in familiar waters here.You can’t beat a classic, however, and Mario still shines brightest when Nintendo sticks to the fundamentals of what made him so popular in the first place.“Super Mario 3D Land” is a shining example of this and earns its place as possibly the best core Mario platforming game since “ There are levels where you will absolutely want to turn your system’s 3D all the way up in order to fully experience the world and art design.The familiar Zelda tools and weapons are there for you to play with, but this time around, Link has a few new tricks up his sleeve, such as the ability to transform into a flat 2D image in order to solve certain puzzles., which allows you to complete dungeons in any order.

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